Television Marketing (video) – 4 things to concentrate for a winning strategy

Did you know,

YouTube found that 9 out of 10 six-second ads drove a significant lift in ad recall, with an average lift of 38%.

Hello, marketers today I’m gonna share how television marketing has evolved through ages and few tips to concentrate for building a winning strategy.

Back in 1950’s, marketing was so easy since there were only a few channels. It’s the time period where television started to gain popularity as a major entertainment medium. So it was easy to advertise to a large volume of audience.

Since audience were highly concentrated on TV back in the day, it was very convenient for marketers to know what everyone is watching and how to easily brand their product or service. And more importantly, there was no need for any software to collect data and process them.

But today the trend is so different were the traditional TV viewing has been reduced by 44% (among 18 – 24 years old audience) and nearly 32% (among 25 – 34 years old audiences) over the last few years. On the other hand, video streaming is increasing.

#6.Video Marketing - 4 things to concentrate for winning(01)
Image Courtesy: Think With Google

And a popular trend among younger audiences is that they spend more time watching videos on smartphones than other mediums which are approximately 82% higher than adults.

While it is convenient viewers but it is difficult for marketers to reach out to customers across different devices to create meaningful advert experiences.

While this dynamic change in viewing behavior of television and videos have created more challenges for marketers and business owners, it also has opened up lots of opportunities.

Thanks to advancements in advertising technology, which helps marketers to run cross-channel and cross-screen marketing campaigns. By leveraging this technology brands can create meaningful and user related ad experiences where the user might actually engage with the ad.

Also with advanced data collection tools, now marketers are able to access more user related and actionable data which can reveal audience preferences.

So in order to build a successful brand, you might wanna add the following four methods to your television marketing strategy.

#6.Video Marketing - 4 things to concentrate for winning
Image Courtesy: Think With Google

#1 Target audience beyond traditional targeting

To be successful a marketer you must need to look at options beyond basic demographics. So you should build marketing campaigns across viewing devices and use more advanced user data to engage with high-quality audiences.

For example, you can make use of over-the video advertisements to reach audiences on the television connected with internet.

#2 Create relevant and meaningful experiences

You have to convert the visitors to leads and then to sales so you can try to create user related and personalized ads. Also, you need to think carefully about ad placements related to the touchpoints and text-image ratio etc while creating adverts.

#3 Build marketing teams right from the start

Business owners need to build a strong and creative digital and television marketing teams before the start of a campaign. You can also include additional KPIs as a part of your campaign and optimize the campaign for better performance in mid-flight but for that to work, you need to have a strong marketing team.

#4 Simplify digital buying process

Businesses should try to invest more in finding a way to simplify media buying process in one tool than using many. This might improve engagement and saves resources and time.