6 Digital Marketing Trends In A Nutshell For 2019

Internet is modern days ground zero. All sorts of war are being fought here and our battlefields are social media platforms. On an average, people spend three hours daily on social media platforms. If this is not clear enough, let me bring things into perspective.

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In his/her entire life a person devotes 5 years and 4 months of his/her life to social media. Bummer, is it not! Now we, as educated people can use this HUGE opportunity to expand our influence and for this, we need to know digital marketing trends.

Digital marketing trends totally embrace the saying “Change is the only constant“. What was relevant today might not be true tomorrow. Below are some of the trends to look out for in 2019.

#1. Voice Search

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I can not elaborate this enough. Voice search is the new thing! People are increasingly using Siri, google assistant and other voice based AI to facilitate there life, and if your website shows up in voice search then boom baby! This can lead to exponential increase in CTR. Always take into account what a potential customer might speak, instead of type.

#2. Personalization

Carpet bombing is a relic of the past. In the current era, people want personalized everything. As per the statistics, personalized emails, feeds etc. result in 3X more engagement. One of the best example of personalization is amazon recommendations and curated list that is prepared by online streaming platforms.

#3. Chat Bots

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Source: Chatbots Magazine

Chat bots allow your business to online 24X7 effectively. The era of AI, machine learning and deep learning is here, and integration of these technologies is an one time investment. Even though initial cost may be high, in the long run it will result in increased sales,and more importantly, it will result in lower operations cost.

#4. Visual Search

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Not as popular as voice search, but still a very quickly rising way of searching. People are uploading the images are searching for suitable matches. Optimizing the content in a way that facilitates visual search is a must for 2019. This is a very new digital marketing trend and has a lot of potential, do not lag behind, hustle!!!

#5. Bloggers And Digital Marketing Go Hand In Hand

About 55% of people trust what bloggers have to say on the net. It happens a lot when you are in a quagmire about a particular product, you look it up on a net and if a blogger or two have reviewed it positively, then usually the decision is in the favor of that product. Tying up with such bloggers is a good idea, even more so if the blogger has reviewed your products positively in the past.

#6. Social Media Marketing

The importance of social media marketing is glaringly obvious. It is one of the evergreen digital marketing trends and tactics. Read more about it here.

Final Verdict

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Source: Kriyosh Digital Media

Digital marketing trends are changing rapidly and these few trends will stay, at least for a few years to come; hence optimizing and strategizing accordingly is a good idea. I would place special emphasis on voice search and integration of AI in avenues like personalization and chatbots.