Digital Marketing – Is It Really Necessary? Here’s Why?

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I’m pretty sure that everybody knows or have heard the term “Digital Marketing” but is it really that important for your business growth? The answer is a big YES and we’re gonna see why?

So to start with, nowadays any small or medium-sized business (at least most of them) are utilizing social or online platforms to increase their visibility to drive more sales or conversions.

Let’s say that you have a website and it drives huge traffic but having huge traffic alone doesn’t mean more business (it kind of is but) unless you try to convert the visitors into sales. That’s where digital marketing comes into play. Online marketing provides entrepreneurs and businesses the possibility of survival and growth.

Here I’m going to cover top 6 reasons why digital marketing is essential for your business

#1 Digital Marketing is cost efficient

It delivers much more results on less budget than traditional marketing methods. This enables the small businesses to achieve good sales with less investment.

#2 Interaction with targetted audiences

Rather than delivering content (or marketing a product) to the general audience it enables business owners to deliver content to the specific audience which results in higher conversion rate with less cost put into marketing.

#3 Common ground for all businesses

Be it a small business or medium-sized business everyone has equal opportunity to compete with others. Even small business have equal chance and resources to convert more sales which were only available to large corporations back then.

#4 Digital Marketing brings more conversion

Usually, the success of a campaign is measured by the rate of visitors getting converted into leads and then into sales.

With digital marketing, you can be able to optimize the flow by using Email marketing (hmmm that’s dying), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM).

#5 Builds trust and reputation

Since it involves customers interacting in the comment section of a social media post or an online forum, it provides social proof and real testimonials which earns trust among your audience and providing good service builds a reputation.

#6 Ability to target mobile customers

Since mobiles and smartphones have evolved from being a mere alternative to PC and laptops to a primary device, it is important to cater mobile users.

A mobile targetted digital marketing campaign can increase the possibility of boosting even more conversions and sales which can result in better ROI.

Here is an infographic from “” which gives 12 reasons why digital marketing is important.

#1.Digital Marketing - What and Why
Image Courtesy: Digital Marketing Philippines

Source Credit: Digital Marketing Philippines