Digital Marketing Benefits and Tactics That You Should Know About

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all of your online marketing efforts

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This article is not about the introduction of Digital Marketing but I found that this definition is good so I thought of adding it in here. So with that said let’s start with discussing Digital Marketing benefits, types, and tactics.

The reality that exists today is that most of the people spend more and more time on the digital platform (smartphone or personal computer or laptops) than they used to. Thus it means that business owners have to meet their customers where they are available which is online.

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Types and Tactics of Digital Marketing

#1 Digital or Online PR

It is much similar to offline or traditional PR (Public Relations) but in digital space. It includes getting more and more online coverage via blogs, online magazines or publications, and other digital content based spaces.

#2 Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is much more powerful than outbound marketing which helps business owners to generate leads and convert them to customers easily by attracting them through online content.

#3 Content Marketing

This tactic is more common these days where businesses try to increase their online presence by unique and compelling content to create brand awareness and increase traffic and ultimately increase their conversion rate.

#4 Email Marketing

Most of the firms (almost all of them) use Email Marketing. It allows businesses to communicate with their audiences and promote content like a discount sale or an offer they might be interested in and taking them to your landing page or product page using a big CTA.

#5 Native or Traditional Ads

This is most common one which you might be already aware of. This type of advertising includes sponsored articles on popular websites or blogs to increase visibility.

#6 Marketing Automation

By automating the marketing process, a lot of time can be saved. This tactic is adopted by most businesses today. Some of the automated tasks include posting social media content, publishing online articles and sending out emails.

#7 Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

This is a type of digital marketing where the publisher gets paid by the advertiser every time their ad gets clicked. It drives traffic from other sources (which are mostly websites or blog). A popular example would be Google AdWords.

#8 Affiliate Marketing

This type of marketing works on basis of commission for promoting someone else’s product or service. A good example would be popular tech blogs like gadgets.ndtv or

They add buttons at the bottom of their article to promote products that are being sold on Flipkart or Amazon or other similar eStores and each button links to the product’s webpage attached with UTM code to find out the affiliate.

#9 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Performing SEO is very important which helps businesses in achieving long-term goals. It helps in receiving more organic traffic (which is free) and helps to get high page rank on search engines.

#10 Social Media Marketing

This tactic includes promoting your brand or content on social media channels to increase brand awareness and traffic which can drive more leads or customers.

Some of the most important digital marketing benefits are discussed below.

#2.Benefits of Digital Marketing
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Digital Marketing Benefits

One of the most important digital marketing benefits is that it allows us to measure the ROI of a campaign since you can’t actually measure that in tradition marketing.

For example, assume you are going to promote a listing on a newspaper, but there is no way to measure the number of readers who might actually see your ad. But on the digital medium, you will be able to measure.

Another big advantage or benefit of digital marketing is that you can track the usage and hits of the campaign. You will be able to track how many visitors came by the campaign and if he goes away without a purchase, this info will be useful for Abandoned Cart Marketing.

And another important digital marketing benefit is that you can recognize the pattern of your visitors and see how they interact with your brand which is not possible in traditional marketing.

In online marketing, you will be able to personalize the user experience for specific groups of the audience which isn’t possible in offline marketing.

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Attribution Modeling

You might actually be able to trace each sale right from the customer’s first digital footprint (or touchpoint). Achieving it is possible when proper strategy and good marketing tools combined – is called attribution modeling.

Here a short video explaining about attribution modeling (Courtesy of HubSpot)