Marketing Personalization: In upcoming years

Marketing Personalization

“Marketing Personalization In Upcoming Years” rather we can say as a customizing the client’s needs and wants. Personalization plays a major role in today’s business that helps to build strong customer relationships. Marketing personalization evolves in every company right from a small enterprise to Giant ones. In recent trends, the channel of marketing has driven exponentially resulting from traditional marketing to digital marketing. Traditional marketing is what all would have done like “Approaching prospect to their office or homes (Doorstep service/ sales)-salesman job”. In Digital marketing reaching a client has become effortless through various medium of channels(Email, Social Media, Website, SMS, Advertisements, Web Application etc..).

In a recent study, researchers found that Marketing personalization will become a vital role in business that leads to customer satisfaction. Through this marketing personalization, many companies have got the high conversion rate’s.


  1. Netflix now has many subscribers as equal to cable TV connections –Marketing Personalization
  2. In 2018  will be stand out for something especially for people privacy and personalization.
  3. Coco cola is riding growth wave with replacement of CMO role to CGO (Cheif Growth Officer)
  4.  Pinterest focuses on improving personalization and adds value to it.
  5. Amazon is advertising products and to launch in 2018


Digital marketing plays a vital role in which it increases brand image of the company and also reaches sales to 10x. Startups are now preferring building websites and personalized their services for customer satisfaction.

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Many criteria have been set up to follow and to reach the customer in order to personalize the experience

  • Location~helps in identify place of customer
  • Demographics~ Identify the region of visitors
  • Pages viewed
  • Campaign source-Promotion through marketing Tools
  • Device~Compatible with mobile user-friendly
  • Browser
  • Company~reaches visibility helps to build Brand image

This results in reaching the visitors and able to measure and analyze the data. Almost half of the visitors focus on Marketing Personalization.