Accelerate your Business Revenue through Lead Generation

In 21st-century, Marketing plays an important element in a business which helps our product or service reaching customers. Lead generation is a process of attracting the leads (potential customers) by engagement and convince them to buy product or service. Lead generation can be processed through various channels (Newspapers, Banners, Brochures, Billboards, TV Ads, Social Media platforms. For e.g.YouTube). Through consistent delivery of contents like E-Books, E-Mailing, Advertisements etc., mediums can attract the customers. , the effective way of reaching more customers is happening through online nowadays. Now we can discuss the channel of distribution classified into two segments inbound Marketing and Outbound marketing.

An essential key role for Inbound Marketing process:

lead generation

Lead generation is the process where the marketing company will collect information and deliver to the prospect.

  1. Evaluate the current marketing strategy:

We should be clear and measurable with ground reality before starting the marketing campaign.
1.1 Outline of the Goals:

We should get to know about the objectives and goals of our business.

1.2 Listing out marketing challenges:

Example: Resources for marketing (Website, videos, Infographic, Branding).

1.3 Finding KRA within the stipulated time.

  1. Building a strong website:
    In today’s trend, everything has gone to the digital world. Connecting customers are easy now with the creation of a strong website.

2.1 It should be easy to navigate as mobile friendly, cool appearance and search engine friendly website.

An effective website will be a hub for online marketing and lead generation

  1. Increase in generating more traffic for lead generations:
     By increasing the number users to the website which creates a lot of opportunities for visitors to convert into leads. The following information will be helpful to increase leads.

3.1 Blogging – It is an effective way of reaching out to the customers where we can deliver the more information about the product or service and insights of the industry. The value we deliver will reach millions of users. As per the survey, 55% of users can get to reach through the blog.

3.2 Social Media- The platform for reaching millions of people. Through sharing a blog post, video, infographic images, it will be helpful for engagement. Nearly 2/3 of US people regularly use Social Media.

3.3 SEO- Placing the right keywords will optimize the website and target more users by posting targeted content. Sources reveal that 46% of daily searches are for information on Product and services.

3.4 Converting traffic for lead generation- Creating exciting offers and CTA (call to action) mode will attract all potential buyers at all levels. E.g. Advertising, Email marketing, affiliate marketing etc. Thorugh this we can set up a lead generation process

Important key roles in Out-bounding Process:

The out-bounding process where new start-up business reaches customers through other mediums by impacting local customers and build the business. It is also known as push strategy reaching the customer’s doorstep. The traditional way of approaching the customers has been dropped in the 21st century when the even successful business went down to bankruptcy, because of not adopting the new system.

Door Step Marketing:

Company representatives approaching the people in their house or campaigning in the streets, commercial spaces etc. where they can interact with customers and converting them to customers. Essential skills needed for the job is presentation skills, direct sales, good communication etc. DSM strategy still exists in the market; even established companies have a special team for direct selling.

On streets Campaign:

On streets campaigning still, exist in today’s market where the company can know the feedback of the customers directly and attack the local audience. Nowadays companies started using this method for new product launch and Branding. This kind of campaigns usually takes place in crowded areas like Bus stand, Shopping Malls, Theatres, and Supermarket.


The brochure is specially used for Hot Deals, Offers, Clearance sale etc, and this ends up an increase in sales. Through this campaign, the product or service will be sold in a short period of time attract local customers and by this distribution companies visibility increases in the market.

Channel Of Promotion (Offline Marketing):

Promotion of product or Service is more essential for the company where we can position in the market and reach the customers. This promotion happens through Newspaper, Brochures, Banners Ads, and Flex holding etc.

Speech bubble with the word Strategy on white background.Creating values and Delivering information:

The content we produce about the product or service where we can brief out the advantages and disadvantages of it. Through this, our consumer gets awareness and buys it. Content is king where users use it for gaining knowledge and information for the time.