What content audit is all about?

Today’s trend,  web Management plays a major role in an organization where some essential key process combines with management. Publishing content should add value to your product or service.The term audit is referred to official inspection which will be done in an organization. In recent days people started using this process for various analysis and experimenting in an organization. So same process is implemented in web management called content Audit. The content audit is for analyzing the content in various parameters to give a better result.

Creative information

The content audit involves accounting the existing content established by the brands -white papers, articles, Videos, Podcast and content shared on social media sites also be accounted. The publishers once achieved their goals and objectives from the sites then they reposition the marketers brand, They don’t immediately focus on sale conversion rates, publisher focuses on adding the value of interest to the reader through which the engagement and building relationships based on customer engaging with entertainment and satisfying the needs.

Content audience

Planning as a content writer

In an organization, the content marketing evolves in each and every department right from HR department, Accounts, marketing and customer service. The web management will be highly aware of company and content marketing strategy. Creating a workflow where one should encounter about how to build the brand and build customer relationships through a content audit.

 Phases of Content Audit:

  • Inventory of content audit
  • Analyse & Recommendation
  • Summary of content auditing and Tools that helps to find out.

Inventory of content auditing

  • Dragging of URL links 
    • In Collecting the data off-site URL links from Google analytics, google webmaster tools, XML sitemaps.
    • One should formulate in Excel spreadsheets.  Audits will be started once the content is available by the search index.
  • Getting analytics from the third party tool is a risk. Since we came across noticing mismatch of odd data from sample data using high traffic sites.
  •  Metrics to pull URL
    • If set up is not done properly URL will not index.
  • If URL is proper then it will be indexed by search engine.
  • Content Uniqueness which can be fine with this tools Copyscape, Siteliner of URL link provides data.
  • The consistent time frame of organic traffic search done through the content marketing process.
  • Revenue or conversion has to be segmented through organic search by per page basis.

Analyse & Recommendation

All data that you have listed will be ready for analysis. A step by step process will help you out little for interpretations. In this case, we should work on content issues that can cause the algorithmic filter or little issues that can reduce your page ranking.

Summary of content audit and tools that help out

The audit is collecting data which helps in analyzing and inspecting data over the time period. It helps in having a clear idea about the process. This also helps in fact-finding and recommendation to implement steps in future. If you have a complete data in which you can utilize insights in many ways. Generally, clients will get high benefits from our final content audit reports, which includes high-level recommendations.The next step from the audit is to start with the executive summary. The Fact-finding and recommendations result should be given at the same time.Spreadsheets(Google, Ms-Excel), Google Analytics, webmaster tool are essential Tools used for content Audit.