Impact Of Voice Search On SEO In 2019

Impact Of Voice Search On SEO - what is?

Grapevine has been abuzz with talks about SEO. You can check posts explaining its importance here. As they say,

“Change is the only constant”

and SEO is no different. The latest way of searching the web is “Voice search”. The impact of voice search is literally humongous.

Some statistics are listed below:

Impact of voice search

Impact of voice search


Impact Of Voice Search On SEO - stats 1

These are some crazy statistics showing the impact of voice search ,and more importantly, these statistics are at best, watered down.

Looking at these statistics should give you a rough idea as to how important it is to incorporate voice search in your SEO.

Voice Search And Featured Snippet

If you do not know about featured snippet, read about it here.

As of now, Google Home reads and returns the information that is there in featured snippet. Now if there is no featured snippet, then either a more diluted search will be conducted until a featured snippet is found or google will reply that no result was found. This means that google is loosing business. So a wise thing to do is optimize your content for voice search.

Mobile Friendly Site Is A Must

Impact Of Voice Search On SEO - mobile friendly
Source: SiteChecker

Google has made it clear that more importance will be give to mobile friendly sites. If your site doesn’t load quickly or looks wonky on mobile, people will bounce. Keep a high bounce rate for too long, and your rankings will tank accordingly. This decision is made keeping the impact of voice search in mind.

Length Of Query

When people use voice search, length of query is considerably longer. This happens because when we type, we try to save physical effort, but in case of voice search no such thing is there. Due to this, people tend to use long queries instead of short ones.

Type Of Queries

People often ask a question, instead of searching for something. Curating the content in such a way will result in a higher hit rate when voice search is used. It is a very important aspect and overlooking may be expensive.

Final Verdict

Impact Of Voice Search On SEO - snip
Source: Clickx

Impact of voice search is immense. Ignoring it, especially now may prove to be expensive later on; hence investing in voice search optimization is a good idea. SEO is immensely important, especially now due to increased number of articles and blogs on every single topic.