Top 5 Important SEO Trends Crash Course For 2019

As talked in earlier post, SEO is the elixir of life if you are into blogging and article writing; its importance is explained in this article.

Some general SEO trends and tactics have already been explored in this post, please do check it out. In this post, I am going to talk about things which are going to make a difference in 2019 and which will help you stand head and shoulders above your peers in the coming year.

Top 5 Important SEO Trends Crash Course For 2019
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#1. Position 0

Earlier first position on first page was coveted, well not anymore because ladies and gents, I give to you Position o. This is the good’ol boy google of the past.

SEO, old google
Good’ol boy google.
SEO, new google.
Position 0.

This above is the new modern google where Position 1 Is No Longer The King. Your article now should be styled and groomed in such a way that it is featured position ready and worthy. Right now about 33% people just use first article to satisfy their needs but now, it is going to change.

#2. Voice search

SEO Trends Crash Course 2019-voice-search
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This is THE NEW THING! A lot of people now prefer to speak instead of typing are using AI assistants like Siri and Google assistant, and this trend is going to boom; hence investing in this is a good option. This investment is one which will keep on growing, and as they say, little goes a long way.

#3. Integration with google products

SEO for 2019- google tools
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It is an obvious fact that google is going to place more importance on its own social media and other platforms as compared to others and that is where you can make a difference. Do you have a google+ page yet? If no, make haste buddy. Make a gmail id and use it for official purpose. Google My Business is also a platform that requires your attention.

#4. Off page and on page SEO

This is thing that has been around for ages and it will be present till the end of time. Social media is definitely going to receive the same attention, if not more. Content will still be the king and will reign supreme. This old stuff will still play a pivotal role.

#5. SEO through social media

SEO Trends Crash Course 2019-seo&social
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Search algorithm of google is heavily dependent on social media and we believe that google will continue to pay more attention to social media platforms; hence having a separate social media marketing team is a good thing.

These are some things which will help you in the coming year, I hope you have a killer year ahead.

With this we come to an end of this article. I hope to see you all soon.