Content Marketing Strategy – Steps To Create A Successful Marketing Plan

Did you know that only 37% of businesses have a properly documented content marketing strategy?

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The above info was a result of a recent survey conducted by MarketingProfs and Content Marketing Institute (CMI).

The businesses that do have a proper content marketing strategy are more likely to be successful than those who don’t (I don’t mean that those who don’t have, are gonna fail but just stating the odds).


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So I’ll walk you through eight simple steps to create a successful content marketing strategy.

#1 Declare your goals and mission

First thing is to declare or set your goals and mission. It should identify your type of content, your target audience and the benefit they are gonna get from your content.

A good example would be like, “What type of content you are going to provide to your target audience so that it can benefit them.”

#2 Create your KPIs

You might wanna find out your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to set specific and measurable goals. It will help your business grow and know when you achieve your milestones.

Some examples would be planning your website traffic, page-rank, sales, metrics and/or revenue.

#3 Collect data about your audience

To build a successful content marketing strategy, it is important to find out your target audience and provide related content to them.

Then it is necessary to collect details about your audience like collecting demographics of them from your website traffic, subscribers list etc.

The details can be easily obtained from Google Analytics if you want to track your website or application visitors. Facebook has it own insights tools to find out these data and there are other third-party tools to get these types of information.

#4 Figure out your current stage and find out best content channels

If you already have some content on your website or articles on your blog and now planning a new strategy means, you need to access your current status so that you can check the performance of your strategy.

After some time since you started adding contents, you will get a sense of realization whether this type of content is working or not. And you need to find which category or specific channel is performing better so that you can focus on whats working to increase your growth.

#5 Think about the type of content

So the next thing about creating a content marketing strategy would be deciding on the content types that you are going to need.

Most of the businesses use their blogs to publish contents and promote them. It is a proven thing that this type of content delivers good results. It can be valuable and actionable and could drive you more sales if proper CTA is used.

Some other types of content can be creating informative infographics, customized memes, eBooks, podcasts for sharing and nowadays video marketing has taken a higher place in the marketing world.

#6 Find the right tools and resources

After finalizing the content type, you should figure out the tools that you are going to use and allocate them accordingly.

For example, if you are focusing on video contents then choosing the platform to host the video like YouTube or Vimeo or other similar platforms.

And choosing the audio track that’s gonna be used and picking out the editing tools and hiring a video editor or animation artist to create your videos etc.

#7 Generate content, Distribute and Market it

To build a good content marketing strategy there are lots of preparation works before you even start producing a content. And now nearly most of the prep work is over so you can start with generating content like blog or video or any kind of content.

The next part is that you need to distribute and market your content to drive more traffic and generate leads. So you need to do digital marketing like promoting content on social media. Converting visitors to leads via subscription forms etc.

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#8 Measure the performance of your content marketing strategy

The final part of your content marketing strategy is to view and measure the performance of your content. You can make use of Google Analytics or other insight tools to find out the conversion rate and overall performance.

This can help you find out whether you are hitting your KPIs and getting expected results. Even If you didn’t, there is nothing wrong. You can focus on what went wrong and try to rectify it the next time.

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