Mobile Strategy – 4 Insights that can help shape your business

2X more brand experiences happen on mobile platform than anywhere else.

Listen up marketers and/ or entrepreneurs, Smartphones have redefined the branding strategy in today’s market and rewrote the rules on how to be a more efficient marketer. The expectations of customers are getting higher and higher. And they are becoming impatient so it is important to deliver solutions or produce results that meet the customer’s needs and in much shorter time.

The most important factor whose bar getting higher and higher is “speed“.  It is really important that your mobile website or web app gives a fast and smooth experience to your users. With that said, I’ll share four mobile strategy insights that can help your business and be ahead in the competition.

#5.Mobile Strategy - 4 Insights that can help shape your business
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#1 Focus on being customer-first rather than new tech advancements

Yeah it is true, being a tech enthusiast myself, I like to play with new technology and upgrade my old projects into new ones but the fact is that you need to apply a customer-first approach.

It is necessary to keep moving with emerging technology but make it secondary and adopt a customer-first strategy. There are three things which customer demands and they are,

#5.Mobile Strategy - 4 Insights that can help shape your business-1
Image Courtesy: Think With Google UK 2017

So business owners and marketers should focus more on building memorable and friendly experiences to users.

#2 Work on friction-less customer experience

It is a known fact that today customers are more demanding and impatient. So removing the friction in user experience and building a proper mobile strategy is needed and accomplishing it is no easy task.

You need to study the patterns of your audience. It includes analyzing what your customers want and how can you deliver it immediately without any hassle for customers.

For example: If you own an e-commerce website, find a way to simplify the checkout process to create a smooth experience. It’ll surely boost your sales.

#3 Being neutral can cause negative impact

It is a fact that providing a neutral experience might have a negative impact on your business growth. People spend more time with brands on smartphones than any other platform. As a result, their expectations are increased as well.

These are the moments which brand owners can make use of. Plan a great mobile strategy and make sure you provide a nice personalized user experience which leaves a lasting impression on your brand.

#4 To increase CLV is a crucial part of your mobile strategy

In order to stay ahead in the competition, you need to focus beyond return on ad-spent and short-term goals. Increasing the CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) is crucial for your brand.

You have to utilize the first party data (it is the key) and leverage it properly. It helps you build a better relationship with your customers. For example, you can send out a customized message to a specific group of your audience with high accuracy.

So, properly utilize the data to your digital marketing campaigns to drive loyal audience whom can benefit your business and help you grow.

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