Business Branding – 7 Simple Tips For Effective Brand Building

Your brand is defined by a customer’s overall perception of your business.

Well from the title itself its pretty much clear that we’re gonna see seven simple tips or steps for an effective business branding.

Probably you are in a hurry, in building your brand so I’ll make this article short and crisp. So without further ado let’s start.

#1 Find out your target audience and the goal you want to accomplish

The first thing you want to do is that you need to find out your target audience and competitors.  With that said, let’s see how to do it.

Run a search engine test to find out your direct and indirect competitors and analyze them. Go online and read the conversations about your business on platforms like Facebook, Quora or Reddit to get an idea of how influential your product/ service is and also find the behavior (or I call it patterns) of your target audience.

And don’t forget to set a business goal and a mission and most importantly stay true to it.

#2 Come up with a unique yet simple business name

This step is as important as the first step. Find a business name which is unique and at the same time, it should be simple for customers to register that name in their mind and easy to recall (unlike our name which is “Incredulousfacts“).

A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet. But Nike by another name would be seen on fewer feet.

– Shakespeare (not the second half though)

Your business name should be simple since your name can be funny, creative and easy for you but it won’t be same to your customers. [ In our case, my co-author and the co-founder of Incredulousfacts came up with the name which I initially thought the fusion of two words as brilliant but I was sooooo wrong 🙁 ]

#3 Identify your business personality and focus

During the initial stages of your business, your brand won’t be everything to everyone. So it is important to show your focus.

Like a tagline for your brand or simply one line explanation of your business. State why your product/ service is better than your competitor and which element is the key differentiator.

And find a way to infuse your brand with some personalities that people can easily relate to which can be helpful for business building.

#4 Focus on how to make your brand look outstanding and unique

In this part, you need to decide the look and feel of your business website like colors, fonts, and overall design. Make your site unique and simple and it should be more focused on what you are and what product/ service you are selling rather than highly fashionable appearance.

Most of the people are visiting your website to find out some information or purchasing something. So the important thing is your content or product/ service. Thus heavy flashy objects or other distractive content can be reduced to a minimal level.

#3. Business Branding - 6 Simple Tips For Effective Brand Building-color
Image Courtesy: The Logo Company

#5 Design an awesome logo

Keep your eyes sharp cuz this is really important. Your logo is your brand’s identification. Most people recognize the brand with their logo. So it must be unique and look good.

There are different types of logos, like text, abstract, icon, symbolic ones and combination. There is a popular saying that logo should have a meaning related to your business or brand.

That is true but not necessarily in all cases. Sometimes it’s not required to have meaning to your logo, it can be a neutral one and let people give meaning to it. A popular example would be Chrome’s logo.

#6 Consistency is key to build a successful brand

Consistency is a must in order to maintain a brand image and build awareness. Stay true to it unless you want to change the brand to something else based on customer response or according to the market.

Constantly changing the logo, colors or identity is not advised since it may confuse your customers or audience and it might reduce the reputation.

#7 Keep on evolving your business as you grow

Business Branding doesn’t stop after fixing a goal, having logo and website. Its a never ending process (progress to be exact).

It is important to stay focused and build the reputation and do effective marketing campaigns to expose your product/ service to more and more people.

(Pro Tip: Also read why digital marketing is important in here and to if you want to know about different types and benefits of digital marketing, please have a glimpse of this article)

Be active on social platforms and forums. It is nice to respond to customer’s query in order to build a loyal audience and trust.

#3. Business Branding - 6 Simple Tips For Effective Brand Building
Image Courtesy: Transmit startups

To conclude, I wish you best of luck in building your business and become successful.